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Mail archive What is Email Archiving? Email archiving is the process of removing emails from your inbox to be stored in a separate yet easily accessible location. You can manage this manually or automatically depending on your preference, and you can easily search for mails that have been archived by date, contact, or keyword

Mail Archive Special!!!


We are happy to announced a new product Mail Archive and will be soon up and running.


  • Archives all incoming, outgoing and internal emails
  • Full Auditor and Monitoring  search see who is doing what
  • easy to setup (domains and users)
  •  Outlook support (only 2013 and higher)
  • Can import .pst files
  • Search inside Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, RTF, ZIP, tar, gz and Open Office attachments
  • Easy search for beginners

Mail Archive Prizes start as little as R15 per mailbox

1 – 100 users R15 per user

100 -200+ R10 per user

Here is some screenshots of Cash IT Mail Archive

                                               LOGIN Page                                                    

Mail Archive 1                                                   ADMIN PANEL SAMPLE

                     Mail Archive 2


Mail Archive 3